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Initial Appointment 

This is the first appointment for clients that are new to our office. This includes the first adjustment if time allows. 
40 to 60 min 
adult $160
child $120


Office Visits

This is an office visit for established clients in our office. 
15 to 20 min
adult $80
child $60


Extended Healing Session

This is for folks who feel like they need a little extra love than usual. We will go through exactly what you need today: possibly including but not limited to muscle work, stretching, energy healing, chiropractic adjustments. 
30 to 40 min

Home Visits

This is for established clients that are postpartum, newborns, injured and/or unable to leave their home.
Please contact us before scheduling this service. 


**Prices feeling like a little too much right now?
We offer sliding scale pricing through our non profit, please contact us with all inquiries - we are more than happy to work with you. 🤍 

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